An organization promoting the idea of reuse by community engaged skill sharing.


Rethink Repair Sav’s mission is to provide Savannah and surrounding communities an alternative opportunity to throwing away their broken items--fixing them! While depending on our ‘repair volunteers/coaches’ we strive to teach practical skills while reducing the amount of items that would end up in a landfill if not repaired.


In 2013 Americans sent over 250 million pounds of waste to the landfill, with only 30 percent being recycled. We believe in teaching our community practical skills to fix their broken items, this could drastically reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfill. This also reduces the volume of raw materials and energy needed to make new products. It cuts CO2 emissions because manufacturing new products and recycling old ones causes CO2 to be released.

Who thought of this idea?

The Repair Café was initiated by Martine Postma. Since 2007, she has been striving for sustainability at a local level in many ways. Martine organised the very first Repair Café in Amsterdam, on October 18, 2009. It was a great success.

Have a trade/skill?

Please let us know! We are in the beginning stages of creating a space where people can give their skills/time to each other.