We're keeping it out of the landfills and on our sets!

By appointment only. 

**From 4/21 - 5/13 we’re only available on Wednesdays. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Winner of the 2014 Environmental Quality Award For Protecting and Enhancing Environmental Quality.
— U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
The only nonprofit prop house on the East Coast, Radke is making an ambitious—and groundbreaking—effort to tackle one of the entertainment industry’s best-kept secrets: its epic waste problem.
— Zoe Donaldson, Oprah Magazine
Today the charitable and environmental aspects are equally important to the organization.
— Steven McElroy, The New York Times
At Film Biz Recycling in Brooklyn, the detritus of New York’s entertainment industry — from films and TV, music videos, advertisements and stage productions — has a home as it waits to be rented out, bought by the public or given to charity.
— Los Angeles Times
More than 60% of salvaged materials are donated to worthy causes
— Film Journal International