The goal of every non-profit should be to become unnecessary.

The retail space is no longer in operation, but the mission continues!

See our “Where to Donate” page for more information on where you can bring your reusable set pieces, wardrobe, props, materials and set dressing.

Thank you to the thousands of fans, clients, donors and supporters. We did incredible things together!

  • We won an EPA Award!
  • We diverted over 600 tons of really cool and useful items from film set dumpsters to public use.
  • We fortified women’s shelters, food banks and all sorts of non-profits and schools with items for free.
  • We challenged and changed the culture in the industry with actionable solutions to big problems.
  • We created one of the most unique and stand out retail operations anywhere, ever.
  • We taught an entire industry there is a better way.

The goal of every non-profit should be to be unnecessary.  Productions now realize their impact and have changed the way they work.  Mission accomplished.  We’d love to begin anew in the future, but it requires committed investors.  Contact us.

Want to know what we are up to now… it HUGE!  Check out www.artcube.nyc