Reuse at it’s Best: Hipcycle!


Hipcycle is an online retailer specializing in upcycled goods that are durable, stylish and priced fairly compared to similar mainstream items. They partner with some of the world’s most creative small businesses and sell their products in their online store.

Their mission is to offer upcycled alternatives to traditional home decor, jewelry and fashion as a way to reduce global waste. They aim to educate consumers on the benefits of upcycling, so when given the choice, consumers purchase an upcycled product over selecting a new one.

They are running a program that donates money to Film Biz!

Here’s how to participate:

  • Go to
  • Enter promo code FILMBIZ  at check out.
  • This code will take a penny off of your order, so you know it has been captured.
  • 15% of your order will get donated to FBR.

Here are a few examples of items you will come across on their awesome site:

Wine Bottle Planter
Wine Bottle Planter
Pallet Coaster Set
Pallet Coaster Set
Circuit Board Frame
Circuit Board Frame
Bike and Computer Clock
Bike and Computer Clock
Vinyl Record Bracelet
Vinyl Record Bracelet
Barn Wood Side Table
Barn Wood Side Table

To see all their new products and to find out what’s new in the upcycling world, follow them on their Twitter, Facebook , and Pinterest pages!


SHARP goes shopping

Resident artists from Snug Harbor’s SHARP (Snug Harbor Artist Residency Program) went shopping for supplies at Film Biz Recycling yesterday.  Looking fierce!

We’re glad they were able to reuse our materials and upcycle them into incredible new works of art!

Snug Harbor Logo

Snug Harbor shopping Plastic Bag Dress Plastic bottle dress

RE-Workshop: DIY Jewelry Workshop

Make Earrings from Recycled Umbrella Frames and Plastic Bags!


What you’ll get from this class:

  • knowledge basis for “upcycling” or how to use unusual (& often free!) everyday items to create interesting and eco-friendly craft projects.
  • comprehensive technique for creating original jewelry pieces
  • your own pair of fashionable earring that look beautiful and have a low environmental impact

For more info on this event, click here.



One of FBR’s Upcyclers, Juliana, found some vintage chairs in our PROP SHOP that needed some lovin’.  While they look like regular old chairs, they are actually super neat fold-up chairs – perfect for rooftop lounging in the warmer weather.  To collapse, the seat flips up and the legs fold inward.

Juliana is has treated and restored the tarnished black metal frames to a crisp and beautiful white.

She is in the process of reupholstering their seats with this fabulous oilcloth fabric.

We can’t wait to see the results, so far they look extraordinary!  This set of three chairs will be for sale in our RE-Gallery just as soon as they’re ready.  Stop by & check ’em out!

Ta-Da! New from Dog Tag Designs

Last week we took a peek into the FBR studio of Resident Artist Tyagi SchwartzDog Tag Designs.  Check out his newly upcycled collection in the RE-Gallery!


Tyagi upcycled this table from a mural that was donated to FBR, an old metal picture frame (super sturdy!) and construction materials we had lying around.  Tyagi brands all of his designs with a dog tag naming the date and location where each piece was created.  Way cool!





Spotlight: Derick Melander

FBR regularly donates to 9 local charities, one of which – Wearable Collections – has provided materials for local artist Derick Melander‘s incredible art installations.  In 2009, community volunteers helped the artist to create “Into The Fold“, a monumental sculpture from 3,615 pounds of second hand clothing, at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall.  Why 3,615 pounds?  That’s the amount of textile waste created by New Yorkers every 5 minutes.  Your work is inspiring Derick, we love it!  Check out a photo of another one of Derick’s pieces, “Silence”…

Sneak Peak! @ Dog Tag Designs

Let’s take a peek at what’s coming together in the workshop of Resident Artist Tyagi Schwartz (Dog Tag Designs)…

We recently received a donation of giant! (10 ft x 8 ft) panels – part of an even-bigger graffiti mural.  From the striked set, Tyagi saw possibility and had the great idea to create tables from the beautiful – and unused – artwork.  Tyagi first selected sections from the mural and cut them into various table-top pieces.

Using – exclusively – materials donated to FBR (below, an upcycled picture frame and 2 x 4’s), Tyagi has been building from scratch or enhancing existing table structures to support his artistic table tops.  Check back for the finished pieces…they should be for sale in the RE-Gallery soon!


Mad Props: a weekly post featuring a rescued prop looking to find its next home. Love it as it is, or explore the many ways of making it new again.

Ah, the tennis racquet. The beautiful Summer mornings you remember spending together, inseparable on the court during your college years. That satisfying, percussive “clop” of the ball hitting against the tightly threaded net in its lacquered wooden frame, you’ll never forget. 



What you would need:
– various colors of embroidery thread
– wooden badminton/tennis racquet
– embroidery needle
– marker

Step 1: Decide on your design and sketch it out.  Then use a permanent marker to mark your design onto the racquet.

Step 2: Cut a yard or so of embroidery thread.

Step 3: Tie the thread into a knot on the racquet.  Leave a two inch tail of thread so that you can tie the other end off when you are finished wrapping.

Step 4: Continue wrapping thread onto the racquet until the area of your design is completely filled in.  Change colors of thread as often as you like.  A needle isn’t completely necessary, but it made the job go more quickly.

Embroidered Tennis Racquet

To Adopt-This-Prop or another, visit Film Biz Recycling’s Prop Shop.