Film Biz Recycling (FBR) is a 501(C)3 non profit organization that prevents pollution, creates jobs and aids our community by diverting set materials to local charities and operating a retail store, prop shop and creative reuse center in Brooklyn, NY. Since its inception in 2008, FBR has diverted over 450 tons of materials from the NYC waste stream.

FBR accepts donations of props, wardrobe, furniture and set materials exclusively from NYC’s film, television, commercial and theatre communities. Our staff diligently sorts donations for optimum sustainability (social need and environmental impact).  We redistribute over 60% of donated items through our network of 15+ charity and nonprofit partners in the New York City area.

To fund our social enterprise, FBR operates a retail store, prop shop and creative reuse center from the organization’s 11,000-square-foot warehouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Customers can expect to find a diverse selection of quirky props, new and nearly-new household goods and period furniture as well as vintage and contemporary costumes and wardrobe. Industry-specific props and wardrobe are available to rent on a weekly basis. All purchases support FBR’s social and environmental mission to redistribute valuable material donations to communities of need throughout New York City.

A sustainable enterprise, FBR operates on a Zero Waste policy ensuring that no donated materials go to waste.  The organization is careful to reuse, recycle, redistribute or repurpose every item that comes through our doors.  Goods that cannot be placed with a partner organization or sold at the shop are responsibly recycled (e-waste, textiles, scrap metal).  FBR’s sustainable initiatives extend to in-house business operations as well: even food scraps from the staff kitchen are picked up by local composting service, Vokashi, and distributed throughout community farms in Brooklyn.

As part of FBR’s ongoing mission to aid our community, we provide educational opportunities in sustainable production and materials reuse. The organization offers entertainment industry consultation, green storage clean-outs and hosts educational seminars that address eco-stewardship in the media production, construction and creative arts industries. FBR also provides internship opportunities to students of production, sustainability and related fields. For further information about these services contact info@filmbizrecycling.org.

Through FBR’s creative reuse center, we host eco workshops using donated art materials. Our workspace also features a DIY/upcycle studio where, using donated goods and materials, employees and community members give new life to pieces otherwise destined for the dumpster. Additionally, FBR operates as a venue for community events after hours and on weekends. Check out our upcoming workshops and events!